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About Leshi

Lexi Technology is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, founded in 1984, with a registered capital of 0.108 billion yuan. The company is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Environmental Protection Park National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covers an area of 48000 square meters, construction area of 28000 square meters. The company has 320 employees, including 2 doctors studying in the United States, 6 graduate students, 2 senior engineers, 56 engineering and technical personnel of various types, and 40% of them have college education or above.

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After 35 years of continuous growth, Lexi Technology has developed into a diversified business group. At present, its main business includes numerical control machinery, environmental protection machinery and electrical equipment, and has realized the standardized industrial operation of "R & D", "manufacturing" and "marketing.

He has won the second prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, Yixing City Star Entrepreneur and other honorary titles.

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Zhou Feng (CEO)

Netease Youdao CEO

Senior Vice President, NetEase

Master of Tsinghua University

Ph. D., Burke University, California, USA

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Zhuang Li (Director)

Master of Tsinghua University

Ph. D., Burke University, California, USA


Existing staff of more than 320 people


Existing staff of more than 320 people

1.08 +

Registered capital 0.108 billion yuan


Building area of 48000 square meters

Corporate Culture

Vision: provide professional cutting solutions

Mission: to create value for consumers

Concept: innovation and development, serving the society

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Craftsman spirit

The garden-like working environment breeds craftsmen who strive for excellence.

Yixing is a famous pottery capital in China. The pottery craftsmanship of more than 2000 years has been passed down from generation to generation. Yixing has a collection of humanities and gave birth to 4 champions, 10 prime ministers, and 29 academicians of the two academies. It is known as the hometown of academicians and professors.

As a "CNC laser machine tool" enterprise in Yixing City, Lexi Laser inherits the craftsman spirit of Yixing, China, and provides users with products that strive for perfection.

The pursuit of excellence

Fine operation requires that each workpiece be within the tolerance range and always maintain the consistency and interchangeability of the parts.

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