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Double platform plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

Plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine, also known as plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, adopts a tube and sheet dual-purpose laser cutting machine integrating square tube, round tube, flat round tube and plane cutting to support metal plate and pipe cutting of various caliber types. Multi-functional, practical, saddle-shaped pipe support frame with precision scale can ensure that the 6-meter-long pipe is not deformed. It is a dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine recommended by manufacturers.




Double platform plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

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  • Description
  • Plate tube two-cut higher efficiency

    Set cutting tube, cutting plate function in one, easy to deal with diverse processing needs.

    Small footprint, less investment, really worry and effort.

    Heavy-duty centering chuck has fast centering and stable clamping

    Self-centering chuck, fast centering clamp, fast automatic loading and unloading clamp without deformation, large clamping force, high clamping precision,

    Long service life, easy to deal with heavy-duty pipe stable clamping.

    Double exchange workbench 15s lightning exchange

    Up and down high and low exchange platform 15s exchange workbench, greatly shorten the standby time, greatly improve production efficiency,

    Save labor costs.

    Key words:
    • 切割机
    • 定心
    • 交换
    • 夹持
    • 重型
    • 15s
    • 工作台
    • 快速
    • 卡盘
    • 应对

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