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Flexible large format

Key words:

Professional pipe laser cutting machine

Lexi laser pipe cutting machine-L series independent research and development, has the invention patent design chuck, simple and stable structure, has good sealing and motion characteristics, can clamp square tube, round tube, elliptical tube, I-beam and other materials. The three-chuck processing mode can meet the requirements of the cutting head to cut the tail between the two chucks, so that the cutting accuracy of the tail is higher. Lexi laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in fitness equipment, automobile manufacturing, heat preservation containers, office furniture, agricultural machinery, aerial work, hardware products and many other industries by virtue of its high efficiency and high quality processing performance for pipes of different shapes and specifications.

Double platform plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

Plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine, also known as plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, adopts a tube and sheet dual-purpose laser cutting machine integrating square tube, round tube, flat round tube and plane cutting to support metal plate and pipe cutting of various caliber types. Multi-functional, practical, saddle-shaped pipe support frame with precision scale can ensure that the 6-meter-long pipe is not deformed. It is a dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine recommended by manufacturers.

Flexible large format machine (≤ 20000W)

Flexible and changeable, it can be freely combined into the cutting format you need. The LFD6025 series is assembled into a cutting format of 18 meters by precision machinery. You want to cut the field, it can be quality and quantity to help you achieve.

Application of ultra-high power cutting technology (≤ 20000W)

Lexi laser special technology three groups of cam mechanism lifting exchange work, to ensure the safe and stable exchange of heavy steel plate. The constant height of the worktable adapts to the plate thickness (0.5~50mm) steel plate in the cutting area, and performs high-speed precision cutting operation.

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